Everybody is different.

CBD products will vary significantly in terms of concentration. It is always best to start with a lower dose and work your way up to a level that you are comfortable with. A persons weight can play a role in how much or how little CBD will affect their body. Please note: The information below is intended as a guide only.

CBD tables - dosage guide

CBD Dosage Guide.

The correct dosage depends on your health and your body. Experiment to find out what works for you.

Please note this is just a guide. An adequate dose of CBD can range from 1mg to 1500mg+ per day depending on who’s taking the CBD, why they are taking CBD, what strength the CBD is and how they are consuming it.You may need to experiment a little to find what works for you. Positive effects could be felt after the first use or after several uses. If no effects are felt, you may need to increase the dose or strength to reach the desired results. A person’s weight can play a role in how much or how little the CBD will affect their body. Although this is just a guide, it makes for a good starting point for anyone just starting out with CBD.

CBD tables - percentage table

How much CBD is in your bottle?

What does CBD strength mean?

The percentage (%) given represents the concentration. In other words the true drop for drop strength of the CBD. A 10ml bottle and a 20ml bottle could both contain 1,000mg of CBD but each bottle would have a different strength. The 10ml bottle is twice as strong as the 20ml bottle.

1,000mg of CBD in a 10ml bottle is 10% concentration and 1,000mg of CBD in a 20ml bottle is 5% concentration.

CBD tables - mg table

How much CBD is in a single drop?

A standard 10ml bottle of CBD oil is said to contain approx. 200 drops. (so, 1 drop is approx. 0.05ml).

If a 10ml bottle contains 1,000mg of CBD each drop will contain approx 5mg of CBD.

1,000mg / 200 drops = 5mg per drop. To have 20mg of this CBD oil, you would take 4 drops.

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